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Royalty Agreement Owner – Publisher (Song or Musical Composition)

Royalty Agreement Composer - Publisher (Song or Musical Composition)
Music Composer(s) Name: __________________________________________ (Print Names) Lyrics Composer(s) Name: __________________________________________ Music Composition Name: ___________________________________________ Composition Genre: _______________________________________________ (for band, singer, group, film, music video, stage production, game show, commercial, etc) Publisher Name: __________________________________________________ Publisher Company: _____________________________________________ Project Name: ____________________________________________________ Herein this Agreement is between the above named and below signed Publisher and/or Publisher Company (herein called the “Publisher”) and the above named and below signed Composer(s) (herein individually and collectively called the “Composer”). The above named Song or Musical Composition is herein called the “Composition”. The term "Publisher" as used throughout this Agreement shall be deemed to include the Publisher and her/his/their/its successors and assigns. HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Composer and the above named and below signed Publisher agree as follows: 1. IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of ____________________________ in hand paid to the Composer by the Publisher, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and the mutual covenants herein contained, the Composer hereby sells, assigns, transfers and sets over unto the Publisher for her/his/their/its own use and benefit, the Composition named above, together with all her/his/their Rights, Title and Interest, both Legal and Equitable, in and to the same, it being understood and agreed that the above named Composition and the Copyright thereof and each and every Right therein whether now known or hereafter to become known, are and shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Publisher to have and to hold absolutely and forever. 2. The Title of the Composition may be changed at the Publisher’s option. 3. In further consideration for, and in full payment of the above stated sale, the Publisher agrees, in the event of the publication by the Publisher of the Composition, to pay to the Composer; (i) a Royalty of . . . continued 13. The Composer hereby warrants and represents; (i) that the Composition and each and every part thereof is her/his/their sole, exclusive and original work, and that no part of the Composition, or the whole thereof, infringes upon any other Composition whatsoever, and that . . . continued

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