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Sponsorship Agreement – Concert/Gig – for Pay

Sponsorship Agreement - for Pay Band, Singer, Musician, Dancer Concert/Gig
Performer Name: _______________________________________________ (Print Names) Manager Name: ________________________________________________ Sponsor(s) Name: ________________________________________________ Sponsor(s) Company: _____________________________________________ Sponsor(s) Representative(s) : ______________________________________ Concert/Gig name: ______________________________________________ Concert/Gig Date ________________________________________, 20 ____ Concert/Gig location: ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ The Independent Band, Independent Singer(s), Independent Dancer(s) and Independent Musician(s) herein this Agreement are referred to as the “Performer”. This Sponsorship Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), for the above named Concert/Gig is entered into by and between the above named and below signed the Sponsor(s) and the Sponsor(s) Company (hereafter called the “Sponsor”), and the above named and below signed Performer(s) and Manager (hereafter called the “Performer”). Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Sponsor hereby engages the Performer as an “Independent Performer” to perform the services set forth herein, and the Performer hereby accepts such Gig. 1. The Sponsor hereby engages the Performer to render services in conjunction with the above named Concert/Gig (hereafter called the “Gig”), to perform such activities as required by the Sponsor and detailed in Appendix “A. 2. The Sponsor shall carry any and all Injury and Liability Insurance for the Performer on any and all activities listed in Appendix “A” including any and all insurance coverage that may be required to cover any and all other Personnel, Participant and/or concert Attendee, on the Stage, Backstage and/or any and all places on the Gig Location. The Performer shall have the Right to inspect the Sponsor insurance coverage before any and all activities detailed in Appendix “A” are performed. This is a condition to this Agreement and agreed by all Parties to this Agreement and inadequate or no insurance will void this Agreement instantly. 3. The Sponsor agrees to furnish at his/her/their own expense for each performance and rehearsal, the concert hall or theater or location(s) of the Gig, properly heated, ventilated, lighted, clean, in good order and . . . continued 10. If, and only if agreed, the Performer grants the Sponsor permission to tape, record, film, by any and all means the image and voice and performance of the Performer during the Gig(s) and/or rehearsal(s) (herein called the “Record”) for, promotional and/or commercial purposes including broadcast on television, in movie theatres, on the radio, on the Internet, by satellite, . . . continued 18. The Performer represents and warrants that he/she/they are knowledgeable about the Copyright laws of the relevant jurisdiction as applicable to the Gig, and that the Performer shall not perform any copyrighted materials of others during the Gig without full compliance with . . . continued 26. In the event that the Performance of any of the covenants of this Agreement on the part of the Sponsor or Performer shall be prevented by act of God, physical disability, the acts and regulations of public authorities, or labor unions, labor difficulties, strike, civil tumult, war, epidemic, interruption or delay of transportation service or any cause beyond . . . continued

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