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Agency Management Agreement Minor Entertainer – Parent/Guardian Signature

Agency Management Agreement (Musician, Singer, Band, Group)
Entertainer Name: _________________________________________________ (Musician, Singer, Band, Group, etc – print name) Area of Entertainment: _____________________________________________ Management of Entertainer: _________________________________________ Agency Name: ____________________________________________________ Agency Representative: ____________________________________________ This Agreement is entered into between the above named and below signed Entertainer (hereafter called the “Entertainer”), and the above named and below signed Agency (hereafter called the “Agency”). The Agency is a going concern that specializes in booking Entertainers for pay. Be it known that the Agency is familiar with the musical skills, abilities and professionalism of the Entertainer and that the Agency has the business expertise, management ability, requisite music industry contacts, financial resources and desire to assist and promote the Entertainer in the furtherance of her/his/their career. HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Entertainer and the above named and below signed Agency Representative agree as follows: 1. The Entertainer hereby employs the Agency as the Entertainer’s sole and exclusive Agent (and adviser) for the term commencing on _____________ 20__ and continuing thereafter for a period of ________________________________ (days/weeks/months/year(s). 2. This Agreement is effective throughout: ________________________________________________________________. (County, State, Province, Country, World, etc.) 3. The Agent’s duties shall be the following: (i) to use all reasonable diligence and make all reasonable efforts to assist the Entertainer in negotiating for and procuring employment wherever the Entertainer’s services may become available to accept such employment; and, (ii) whenever reasonably requested so to do by the Entertainer, to consult with, counsel, advise and assist the Entertainer in all matters relating . . . continued

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