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Sale/Purchase of Instrument/Sound/Stage Gear

Sale/Purchase of Property Agreement

Musical Instruments, Sound Equipment, Stage Gear

Beginning a career in music or upgrading your instruments and gear can be expensive. If you are a seller or buyer of used equipment this is the contract required.

This three page, seven clause legal contract for purchase of musical instruments and stage gear and equipment includes but is not limited to the following Clauses; opportunity for qualified technician inspection, waiver of inspection and ownership warranty.

This legal Agreement is drafted in plain English that is easy to read and comprehend. The Agreement may be filled in on your computer or printed out and filled in later.

We regularly receive feedback that we have successfully drafted our music contracts to be as complete as possible for all legal situations.  However, should you experience a unique personal situation requiring the drafting of a special clause, please contact us at your convenience.  Otherwise, you may be obliged to find a local entertainment lawyer experienced in the music industry who will draft any and all other clauses for your Project’s unique situation or  circumstance.

Our contracts are based on the principles of contract law, are country neutral and may be used in Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Sates or any country whose legal principles are based on the English or American Legal System.

Our music contracts provide legal protection for music writers and composers, music agents, music recorders, music producers, musicians and singers, music distributors and music marketers and are used by: Alternative bands, Ambient musicians, Blues Bands and Blues singers, Classic Rock Tribute Bands, Choral Ensembles, Country and Western Bands, Country Rock Bands, Country singers, Dance Bands, Electric and Electronic Bands, Folk singers, Hip Hop singers, Jazz singers, Jazz Bands, Jazz ensembles, Polka Bands, Rap singers, Rap groups, Reggae Bands and Reggae singers, Religious Groups and Religious Bands, Religious Singers, R&B Groups, R&B Bands, R&B Singers, Rock Bands, and International Bands and International singers.

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Sale/Purchase of Property Agreement (Musical Instruments, Sound Equipment, Stage Gear)
Seller(s) Name: __________________________________________________ (Print Names)) Buyer(s) Name: ___________________________________________________ Herein this Agreement all Musical Instruments, Sound Equipment and Stage Gear shall be called “Property”. FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION OF, the promises and mutual covenants contained herein this agreement, the above named and below signed Buyer(s) and the above named and below signed Seller(s) do hereby agree to the following: 1. The Buyer(s) agrees to purchase the Instruments and/or Sound Equipment and/or Stage Gear (herein called the “Property”) as detailed in Appendix “A”. 2. The Buyer(s) understand that she/he/they have the Right and opportunity to contract the services of a Qualified Technician qualified in the inspection, assessment, repair and or servicing of the Property to Inspect the Property for fitness for purpose. 3. The Buyer(s) agrees that she/he/they has/have inspected the Property, or had the Property inspected per Clause 2 above, or has Waived the Right to Inspection of the Property listed in Appendix “A”, and agrees to pay the price of ______________________________________________________________. 4. The Buyer(s) further understands that once this inspection has been completed and the property purchased and paid for, there are no claims against the Seller(s) as . . . continued

Price: $39.99

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