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Minor Artist – Recording Manufacturing Company Contract Parent Guardian Signature One Time Compensation

Minor Artist Recording Manufacturing Company Contract Parent/Guardian Signature Royalties
Minor Artist Name: _________________________________________________ (Print Names) Area of Entertainment: ______________________________________________ Parent/Guardian: __________________________________________________ Minor Artist Management/Agent: ______________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Recording Manufacturing Company: ___________________________________ Recording Manufacturing Company Representative: ______________________ Recording Manufacturing Company Location: ____________________________ _____________________________________________________ Project: _________________________________________________________ (records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Internet Downloads, etc.) Herein this Agreement is between the above named Recording Manufacturing Company, represented by the above named and below signed Recording Manufacturing Company Representative (herein called the “Recording Manufacturing Company”) and the above named and below signed Minor Artist and Management/Agent (herein called the “Minor Artist”), for the above named Project that includes the Master sound recordings (herein called the “Recording”). The Recording Manufacturing Company is a going concern that specializes in the manufacture of musical recordings, recording distribution and representation of musical Minor Artists. Be it known that the Recording Manufacturing Company is familiar with the musical skills, abilities and professionalism of the Minor Artist and that the Recording Manufacturing Company has the manufacturing facilities, business expertise, management ability, requisite music industry distribution contacts, financial resources and desire to assist and promote the Minor Artist in the furtherance of her/his career by manufacturing and selling the Minor Artist’s Project/Recording(s). HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Minor Artist and the above named and below signed Recording Company Representative agree as follows: 1. The Minor Artist has in her/his/ possession recorded “master sound recordings” of certain musical compositions detailed in Appendix “A”. Either directly or by way of exclusive license, the Minor Artist warrants that she/he has all the legal Rights, Title, Ownership, and Interest, including Copyright, in the Masters to be manufactured and sold by the Recording Manufacturing Company. 2. The Recording Manufacturing Company hereby warrants that it does business throughout the ________________________________________________ (state, province, country, world), (herein called the “Territories”), publishing musical compositions. The Recording Manufacturing Company desires to manufacture the Masters detailed . . . continued 15. The Minor Artist shall not detrimentally interfere with the efforts of Recording Company to distribute the Recording through one or more distribution companies or enter into any contract inconsistent with the Rights . . . continued Be it known to all that the Parent/Guardian agrees: The above named and below signed Parent/Guardian on behalf of the above named Minor Artist, hereby warrants to the Recording Manufacturing Company and her/his/its present and future grantees, and their respective agents, designees, successors and assigns grant that: 28. The Parent/Guardian hereby warrants that the Parent/Guardian is over the age of majority and that the Parent/Guardian has the relationship . . . continued

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