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Q&A: professional organizer sample contract?

Question by Starr: professional organizer sample contract?
do anyone no where I can find a sample of a Professional Organier Contract?
Thanks for you response. But I do have an attorney working with me on this.?
She will add all the legal stuff and draft the contract for me. But it would help us both if we had an sample contract to go over so that we are sure to add every detail that we need to add. Does anyone else knows where I can find a Professional Organizer Contract to be used as an example.

Best answer:

Answer by imadriana
Don’t play around with this yourself. Don’t try to pull a sample contract off the internet! Laws vary from state to state. If you are serious about your business, consult an attorney in your area and have him draw one up.

Please note: some states require that you offer a contract on paper with an estimate. The best place to find out more info on your state/county requirements is to contact one of the many small business help centers you can find on government websites.

Good luck!

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