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Artist-Producer Agreement – Exclusive Commercial Recording Contract

Artist-Producer Agreement – Minor Artist Exclusive Commercial Recording Contract Parent Guardian Signature

Minor Artist
Exclusive Commercial Recording Contracts
Parent/Guardian signature

Working in coordination with an Artist, Band or group the recording Master Producer’s obligation is to create a song or tune of music in accordance with a vision for a single, album or CD. The Producer controls the recording sessions, guiding and orchestrating the artists and musicians, organizing and scheduling the production budget and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering processes.

The modern day digitally competent Producer using her/his computer may be entirely responsible for writing, performing, recording and arranging the material. These technocrats are in many changing the role of the traditional recording studio in that an with modern electronics entire album can be created and recorded from the Producer’s home studio.

Employment of Minor Musicians raises special concerns because Minors can repudiate contracts. An Employer cannot enforce a disaffirmed contract. In hiring a minor, the Employer must also comply with provisions of the Labor Codes of the Jurisdiction and regulations of any Labor Commission.

Minors cannot perform work that is hazardous or detrimental to their health, safety, morals or education.

The Minor must have her/his contract signed by her/his Parent/Guardian. The Minor must have a Parent or Guardian on the set or qualified supervision.

This music contract Agreement between the independent Artist and the Producer is drafted in plain English that is easy to read and comprehend.  The music contract Agreement may be filled in on your computer or printed out and filled in later.

This is a six page, twenty clause legal music contract Agreement.  Boiler–plate clauses, amongst others in this music contract Agreement, include: confidentiality, exclusive commercial recording service, dismissal for drug/alcohol/illegal photographs/nuisance, rehearsal/recording times quality of service, compensation, distribution rights, force majeure, etc.

We regularly receive feedback that we have successfully drafted our music contracts to be as complete as possible for all legal situations.  However, should you experience a unique personal situation requiring the drafting of a special clause, please contact us at your convenience.  Otherwise, you may be obliged to find a local entertainment lawyer experienced in the music industry who will draft any and all other clauses for your Project’s unique situation or  circumstance.

Our music contracts provide legal protection for music writers and composers, music agents, music recorders, music producers, musicians and singers, music distributors and music marketers and are used by: Alternative bands, Ambient musicians, Blues Bands and Blues singers, Classic Rock Tribute Bands, Choral Ensembles, Country and Western Bands, Country Rock Bands, Country singers, Dance Bands, Electric and Electronic Bands, Folk singers, Hip Hop singers, Jazz singers, Jazz Bands, Jazz ensembles, Polka Bands, Rap singers, Rap groups, Reggae Bands and Reggae singers, Religious Groups and Religious Bands, Religious Singers, R&B Groups, R&B Bands, R&B Singers, Rock Bands, and International Bands and International singers.

There are two forms of this music contract Agreement. The first music contract Agreement the Minor Artist receives Royalties for services rendered. The second music contract Agreement the Minor Artist receives a one time compensation/payment for services rendered.

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Minor Artist – Producer/Recording Company Agreement (Exclusive Commercial Recording Contract) (Parent/Guardian Signature) (One Time Compensation)

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Minor-Artist – Producer/Recording Company Agreement Royalties (Exclusive Commercial Recording Contract (Parent/Guardian Signature)
Minor Artist Name: _________________________________________________ (Print Names) Area of Entertainment: ______________________________________________ Parent Guardian: __________________________________________________ Minor Artist Management/Agent:______________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Recording Producer: _______________________________________________ Recording Producer Representative: __________________________________ Recording Studio Location: _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Project: _________________________________________________________ (records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Internet Downloads, etc.) Herein this Agreement is between the above named and below signed Recording Producer (herein called the “Producer”) and the above named and below signed Minor Artist and Management/Agent (herein called the “Minor Artist”), for the above named Project (herein called the “Recording”). HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Minor Artist and the above named and below signed Producer agree as follows: 1. The Producer hereby signs the Minor Artist to an “exclusive commercial recording services” Contract for the purpose of making studio and/or live performance Recordings of her/his musical Minor Artists and services for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: phonographs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes and Internet Downloads and Recordings by any and all electronic means known now or in the future. 2. This agreement shall remain in effect from ___________________ 20 ___ until _____________________ 20___. During this period of time the Minor Artist will, at mutually convenient times, attend, perform and record at the Producer’s Recording studios for the purpose of Recording . . . continued 5. The Minor Artist will be ready, willing, able and prepared for any and all rehearsal sessions and Recording sessions. The Minor Artist hereby warrants that her/his instrument(s) is/are adequate and of durable and suitable quality for the Project. The Minor Artist agrees and stipulates, that the Recordings of the compositions designated shall include the Minor Artist’s obligation to appear, to rehearse, to make the usual tests, and to comply with . . . continued Be it known to all that the Parent/Guardian agrees: The above named and below signed Parent/Guardian on behalf of the above named Minor Artist, hereby warrants to the . . . continued

Price: $49.99

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