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Mechanical License

Mechanical License

Within the music industry, a mechanical license gives the holder permission to create copies of a recorded song or musical composition, a sound recording, which they did not write and/or do not have Copyright over. It is a music contract Agreement with the Copyright holder, the publisher, or the songwriter that allows the holder to reproduce the sound recording.

A mechanical license is not generally required for an artist who is recording and distributing her/his/their own work. This is also used by recording artists performing cover versions of songs and artists who do not typically write their own songs, as is typical in Country and Top 40 music.

This is a five page, fifteen clause legal music contract Agreement.

We regularly receive feedback that we have successfully drafted our music contracts to be as complete as possible for all legal situations.  However, should you experience a unique personal situation requiring the drafting of a special clause, please contact us at your convenience.  Otherwise, you may be obliged to find a local entertainment lawyer experienced in the music industry who will draft any and all other clauses for your Project’s unique situation or  circumstance.

Our music contracts are based on the principles of contract law, are country neutral and may be used in Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Sates or any country whose legal principles are based on the English or American Legal System.

Our music contracts provide legal protection for music writers and composers, music agents, music recorders, music producers, musicians and singers, music distributors and music marketers and are used by: Alternative bands, Ambient musicians, Blues Bands and Blues singers, Classic Rock Tribute Bands, Choral Ensembles, Country and Western Bands, Country Rock Bands, Country singers, Dance Bands, Electric and Electronic Bands, Folk singers, Hip Hop singers, Jazz singers, Jazz Bands, Jazz ensembles, Polka Bands, Rap singers, Rap groups, Reggae Bands and Reggae singers, Religious Groups and Religious Bands, Religious Singers, R&B Groups, R&B Bands, R&B Singers, Rock Bands, and International Bands and International singers.

There are two forms of this music contract Agreement. The first music contract Agreement pays Royalties for the use of the Mechanical License. The second music contract Agreement a one time compensation/payment is made for use of the Mechanical License.

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Mechanical License One Time Compensation

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Mechanical License (Royalties)
Owner Name: _____________________________________________________ (Print Names) Area of Entertainment: ______________________________________________ Licensee Company: _______________________________________________ Licensee Company Representative: __________________________________ Project: _________________________________________________________ (records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Internet Downloads, etc.) Herein this Agreement is between the above named and below signed Owner of the musical composition(s) (herein called the “Owner”) and the above named and below signed purchaser of distribution Rights (herein called the “Licensee”). The Licensee is a going concern that specializes in the recording reproducing, marketing and selling musical compositions. The term “phonorecord(s)” or “records”, as used herein, means any and all methods of mechanically reproducing a musical Composition including, but not limited to the following: phonograph records, cassette tapes, digital audio tape, compact disc, Internet Download and any and all methods of reproducing a Composition, now known or in the future to come into existence. HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Owner and the above named and below signed Licensee agree as follows: 1. The Owner hereby grants to the Licensee the Right to record, reproduce, market and sell the musical composition(s) listed in Appendix “A” under each composition’s current title, including composer’s names (herein called the “Composition”) 2. The Owner warrants and represents that she/he/it is the sole and exclusive proprietor of a valid Copyright or License in …continued 10. Commencing with the signing of this Agreement and continuing for the term of this Agreement, the Licensee will diligently use her/his/its best efforts to secure distribution of the Recording throughout . . . continued

Price: $49.99

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