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Composer Contract – Royalties (Composer-for-Hire) Music and Lyrics

Composer Contract One Time Compensation (Composer-for-Hire) Music and Lyrics
Music Composer(s) Name: __________________________________________ (Print Names) Lyrics Composer(s) Name: __________________________________________ Composition Name: _______________________________________________ Composition Genre: _______________________________________________ (for band, singer, group, film, music video, stage production, game show, commercial, etc) Producer Name: __________________________________________________ Production Company: _____________________________________________ Project Name: ____________________________________________________ Herein this Agreement is between the above named and below signed Producer and/or Production Company (herein called the “Producer”) and the above named and below signed Composer(s) (herein called the Composer individually and the “Composer(s)” collectively). HENCE, in consideration of the promises, and of the mutual undertakings herein contained, and for other good and valuable considerations, the above named and below signed Composer(s) and the above named and below signed Producer agree as follows: 1. The Producer hereby employs the Composer(s) to write, compose, orchestrate, arrange, adapt, and conduct the recording of the musical score (herein called the “Score”) to be used by the Producer as the soundtrack (herein called the "Soundtrack") of the above named Project. 2. The Composer agrees to maintain the confidential nature of any and all matters relating to the Project and not at any time to take any unauthorized photographs, nor video, by any and all electronic or mechanical means, nor audio recording, by any and all electronic or mechanical means, nor to pass on nor to release to any person any information, photographs, videos, nor audio recordings nor things coming into her/his/their possession which relate to the Project. 8. The Composer shall comply promptly, diligently and faithfully with all requirements, directions and requests and with all rules and regulations made by the Producer in connection with the conduct of its business; to perform and render services conscientiously and to the full extent of the Composer's ability and as instructed by the Producer in all matters, including . . . continued 16. The Composer fully understands that as Composer-for-hire, the Producer, as the Composer's employer-for-hire, is and will be the Owner and Proprietor, exclusively and perpetually, of all Rights of ever kind and character whatsoever, whether or not such Rights are now known, in existence or contemplated, throughout the universe, in and to the Composer's services . . . continued

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