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Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement Band, Singer, Musician, Dancer Tour/Concert /Gig

Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement - for Pay Band, Singer, Musician, Dancer Tour/Concert/Gig
Performer Name: _______________________________________________ (Print Names) Performer Management Name: ______________________________________ Exclusive Sponsor(s) Name: _______________________________________ Exclusive Sponsor(s) Company: _____________________________________ Exclusive Sponsor(s) Representative(s) : ______________________________ Tour/Concert/Gig name: ___________________________________________ Tour/Concert/Gig Date(s) __________________________________, 20 ____ Concert/Gig location: ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ The Independent Band, Independent Singer(s), Independent Dancer(s) and Independent Musician(s) herein this Agreement are referred to as the “Performer”. This Sponsorship Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") for the above named Concert/Gig is entered into by and between the above named and below signed the Exclusive Sponsor(s) and the Sponsor(s) Company (hereafter called the “Sponsor”), and the above named and below signed Performer(s) and Performer’s Management (hereafter called the “Performer”). Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Sponsor hereby engages the Performer as an “Independent Performer” to perform the services set forth herein, and the Performer hereby accepts such Gig. 1. The Sponsor shall be the “Exclusive Sponsor”, of the Tour/Concert/Gig (herein after called the “Gig”). No other Third Party (e.g. car or beer company, a local radio station or product manufacturer, etc.) may be listed or mentioned as a sponsor or presenter of the Performer and/or the Gig. 2. An official logo, catch phrase, saying or some other appropriate identification phraseology (hereafter called the “Hook”), shall be developed for the Performer by the Performer, unless otherwise agreed, which shall be subject to the approval of the Sponsor. The Hook shall refer to the Sponsor (in first position), and the Performer second, (e.g. Sponsor presents Performer). Such Hook, where applicable, shall be prominently included in all promotional and advertising references that relate to the Performer and disseminated throughout any media (e.g. billboards, print, radio, television, Internet, satellite and point of sale of all Products herein agreed by promoter or company announcing the Performer). 3. Nothing herein contained shall constitute an obligation on Sponsor's part to advertise or promote the Performer, it being understood Event Sponsorship - Exclusive Sponsorship Agreement . . . continued 11. The Sponsor shall have the Right to offer a single poster, T-shirts and other items as “premium merchandise” to the public featuring the identification of one or more of the Sponsor's Products and Performer's name and/or likeness; provided such items shall be subject to Performer's prior approval as to quality, design, appropriateness and consumer value. Sponsor recognizes and agrees that the Performer shall be exploiting Merchandising Rights . . . continued 26. If, and only if agreed, the Performer grants the Sponsor permission to tape, record, film, by any and all means the image and voice and performance of the Performer during the Gig(s) and/or rehearsal(s) (herein called the “Record”) for, promotional and/or commercial purposes including broadcast on television, in movie theatres, on the radio, on the Internet, cassette tape, CD, DVD or by any other means now . . . continued 40. At its sole expense, the Sponsor shall furnish the stage, and stage lighting, sound and power for the Performance, and the Sponsor shall provide all stagehands required to . . . continued

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