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Minor Singer/Vocalist Release

Minor Singer/Vocalist Release

Gig Performances

As an Independent Singer or Independent Band, (a.k.a. the Employer), you may be auditioning other Independent Minor Musicians for your Gigs or Recording Sessions. As an Independent the Minor Musician being hired is not an employee, nor partner, nor agent of the Employer and/or of the Production Company or any other company or person affiliated with the Employer in any manner whatsoever.

This is an extensive six page, twenty three clause including Parent/Guardian's signature music legal contract including but now limited to the following clauses: confidentiality, drugs and alcohol, assignment of rights and performance standards.

Employment of Minor Musicians raises special concerns because Minors can repudiate contracts. An Employer cannot enforce a disaffirmed contract. In hiring a minor, the Employer must also comply with provisions of the Labor Codes of the Jurisdiction and regulations of any Labor Commission.

Minors cannot perform work that is hazardous or detrimental to their health, safety, morals or education.

Due to the Rights that arise on any Minor Artist reaching the age of majority an individual Agreement should be signed with each and every Minor Artist. The Minor must have her/his contract signed by her/his Parent/Guardian. The Minor must have a Parent or Guardian on the set or qualified supervision.

Signing this contract the independent Minor Musician is assigning any and all Rights to their work performance over to the Employer. The Guardian must sign in agreement.

This Agreement between the independent Minor Musician/Singer, the Parent/Guardian and the Employer is drafted in plain English that is easy to read and comprehend.

We regularly receive feedback that we have successfully drafted our music contracts to be as complete as possible for all legal situations.  However, should you experience a unique personal situation requiring the drafting of a special clause, please contact us at your convenience.  Otherwise, you may be obliged to find a local entertainment lawyer experienced in the music industry who will draft any and all other clauses for your Project’s unique situation or  circumstance.

Our contracts are based on the principles of contract law, are country neutral and may be used in Australia, Canada, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Sates or any country whose legal principles are based on the English or American Legal System.

Our music contracts provide legal protection for music writers and composers, music agents, music recorders, music producers, musicians and singers, music distributors and music marketers and are used by: Alternative bands, Ambient musicians, Blues Bands and Blues singers, Classic Rock Tribute Bands, Choral Ensembles, Country and Western Bands, Country Rock Bands, Country singers, Dance Bands, Electric and Electronic Bands, Folk singers, Hip Hop singers, Jazz singers, Jazz Bands, Jazz ensembles, Polka Bands, Rap singers, Rap groups, Reggae Bands and Reggae singers, Religious Groups and Religious Bands, Religious Singers, R&B Groups, R&B Bands, R&B Singers, Rock Bands, and International Bands and International singers.

There are six forms of this Agreement depending on if the Minor performer is being hired for one or more Gigs and for one time compensation/pay, royalties or giving their services gratis.

Price: $49.99

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